Diabetes? Here is how to boost immunity with herbs to avoid Coronavirus

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Diabetes? Here is how to boost immunity with herbs to avoid Coronavirus

What is a Virus and how it affects Human?

Microscopic organisms that are smaller than the bacteria are viruses. The distinctive part about viruses is they cannot reproduce outside a living cell. Viruses have upheld the reputation of serving as a contagion for ages now. Public events of death and diseases have been all associated with viruses. A virus affects humans by infecting a living cell and then taking up the host entirely. 

Once, the virus lodges in the cell; it starts replicating itself. Some of the viruses affect the immune systems of human beings, thereby making the person sick. You can control your mind and practice habits to Boost Immunity With Herbs. 

What is Coronavirus or Covid19? 

Covid19 or Coronavirus disease is being caused by a virus, which belongs to an entirely new strain. The virus, when affecting humans, is causing flu-like symptoms. That includes –high fever, dry cough, and difficulty in breathing. You should frequently wash your hands and avoid touching your face to take precautions against the disease. Also, make sure to avoid contact from an infected person. The virus is spreading rapidly through contact. And no cure or vaccine has yet been found against coronavirus. Therefore, you must take necessary precautions to keep yourself and your family safe. And make sure to intake Herbs to Improve Immunity.

What Is a Weak Immune System?

When your Immune System fails to operate the way it should be -it is considered to be weak. Our Immune system is basically comprised of White Blood Cells (WBCs). Whenever any germs enter your body, the WBCs or leukocytes often fight against these foreign particles. This is referred to as the defence mechanism. A decrease in the level of leukocytes in your body results in Leukopenia. That is a sign of a weakened immune system. When a person suffers from Leukopenia, their primary defence against diseases is destroyed. Thus, the individual is at exposed risk to the diseases that are caused due to weak immune systems.  

What has any virus or coronavirus has to do with diabetes, BP, older people? 

People with diabetes, blood pressure, cancer, or solely of older age have weaker immune systems. And their body isn’t able to fight against the virus, which ultimately affects the health of the person. These people are particularly prone to be affected by Covid19 or Coronavirus. That is the very reason they are asked to take good care of themselves. 

One of the best ways is to consume Herbs to Increase Immunity. Also, the certain drugs that are being used in treating the affected patients can be more harmful to people with diabetes, BP, and old age. Therefore, these categories of people should remain extra cautious. 

Causes and symptoms:

Coronavirus is being caused only when you come in contact with an infected person. Even if you come in contact with the objects touched by an infected person, the virus is very likely to get transferred. In such a scenario, maintaining social distancing is particularly requested. 

Symptoms of the virus include:Symptoms of virus

Some people have even experienced the loss of taste and smell. You are suggested to consume a calculated portion of Herbs to Boost Immunity. 

Complications and risk factors:

Covid19 is a new disease, which has turned out to be a world pandemic. And there is minimal information gathered on the severity and risk factors of it. Based on the information that is available to us –older people and the ones with low immunity level are at higher risks. People with diabetes have a double challenge to deal with Covid19.

 One of the significant risk factors for the severity of coronavirus infection is triggered by diabetes. The patients of sugar should continuously keep a check on their blood sugar level and consume Herbs to Improve Immune System. They are also advised to consume different categories of food to keep their immune system healthy. 

Precautions for people with low immunity level:

If you have inmates of older age or with lower immunity levels, you should take these necessary precautions:

  • Maintain proper social distancing and stay away from pets as well
  • Wear a mask when around other people
  • Use tissues to cover coughs and sneezes; throw the tissue away and clean your hands with sanitizers or hand wash immediately
  • Try to remain in your room and if possible use separate bathroom
  • Use separate utensils and make sure not to share them with any other members in the house
  • Make use of separate towels and bedding
  • Shared spaces in your home should have a good flow of air
  • Avoid visitors into your home
  • All the members of the home should regularly wash their hands
  • Wash the clothes used by the sick person separately
  • Clean your home and things around with a household cleaner every day

Why are Plants/Fruits/Vegetables vital to your immune system?

According to the nutrition experts fending a viral disease could be a lot more than just eating lots of fruits and veggies. However, your immune system is a complicated relationship between a variety of functions. And if in any case, your body is deficient with any elements, your body might be susceptible to different kinds of infection. 

For your body to function appropriately, you need to consume healthy food. And there is no more abundant source of natural elements and resources than binging on plant parts. Meanwhile, you can rely upon Herbs to Increase Immunity. Also, meanwhile, make sure to maintain proper hygiene. 

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Natural herbs to increase immunity:

Natural Herbs to Increase Immunity


Garlic has been one of the essential ingredients used for boosting the immune system. Eating garlic can provide ample health benefits. Garlic reduces the risk of heart diseases and enhances your immunity level. It also helps in improved mental health conditions.

Here’s How Eating Garlic May Regulate Blood Sugar Levels


Ginger has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which automatically boosts the health of your immune system. Ginger is known to enhance the response of your immune system, thereby protecting your body against various diseases.


Turmeric is said to possess immunomodulating properties, which again helps with a better immune level boost. Make sure to add turmeric to your daily diet. This will help you combat against the stressful periods during flu. Turmeric will enhance your immune system and fight against viral diseases effectively.

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Spinach is not only loaded with Vitamin C but is a package of beta carotene and several antioxidants. These properties of spinach will help us fight against infectious diseases. It helps in the strengthening of our immune system as it is one of the best Herbs to Increase Immune System.


Amla is a rich source of antioxidants and is packed with essential micronutrients as well. You can sip on Amla juices regularly, which will serve the purpose of detoxing. Amla juice is not only helpful for your immune system but also skin, hair, eyesight, diabetes, and heart diseases.

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Amrutha Balli (Tinuspora Cardifolia):

Amrutha Balli also referred to as Giloy is a fantastic herb that helps with boosting the abilities of your immune system. It helps in the removal of toxic substances from your blood. And it fights against the bacteria and viruses as well. It is also known for reducing the symptoms of allergies related to rhinitis.


A few drops of Tulsi juice every day will not only help with your immune system but also helps in the formation of new blood cells. Tulsi is recommended for regular use. That is because the herb serves excellently in combating with different kinds of infection.


Ashwagandha is a powerful adaptogen. It prepares your body to adapt to stressful situations. The herb helps in establishing cell-mediated immunity boosters that help your body to fight against infectious diseases. It also has antioxidant properties, which protects against cellular damage.


The skin of the apple contains flavonoid quercetin that helps in boosting the immune system. It also helps with the reduction of inflammation. Apple also contains antioxidant properties and compounds that help fight inflammation. There are no better elements than Herbs to Increase Immune System.

Sugar Knocker has Vital Ingredients which can boost immunity:

Sugar Knocker works like an elixir for diabetic patients. It is a combination of eleven different herbal extracts that work best against diabetes. The herbs that not only help fight diabetes but also boost your immune system are all included in Sugar Knocker. These elements are namely:

Sugar Knocker Ingredients to Boost Immunity

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Other Ways to increase immunity:

If you are a diabetic, here are  5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips To Control Diabetes along with increasing the immunity.

Reduce your stress level:

You should look out to limit the level of stress and anxiety that you take. That isn’t healthy for your immune system. Long-term stress has shown results of promoting inflammation. Stress imbalances the functionality of your immune cells. Therefore, practice habits that can reduce stress levels in your body. 

Moderate your alcohol intake:

Alcoholic beverages are known to interfere with the defence mechanism of the host body. You don’t have to quit alcohol altogether, but you need to limit the level of intake. This will enhance the productivity of your immune system. 

Eat more vegetables:

Not only vegetables but whole plant foods, including fruits, nuts, legumes, and seeds, are rich in antioxidants and nutrients. This will give you an upper hand while dealing with all the pathogens. 

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Get your exercise on:

Prolonged or intense exercise can work against your immune system. However, if you practice moderate exercising habits, it will help your body effectively. A single session of moderate exercise is known to have increased the effectiveness of vaccines. 

Here is How to Manage Diabetes with Exercise.

Get sufficient sleep:

Sleep and immunity levels are closely related. Inadequate or poor quality of sleep can lead to sickness. If you make sure to take an adequate amount of sleep, your immunity levels shall improve. Also, practice meditating habits to Boost Immunity With Words. 

How Lack of Sleep is related to Insulin Resistance

Stop the habit of smoking:

You should quit smoking. When you do stop smoking the level of blood circulation in your body is improved. It increases the level of oxygen and reduces the level of inflammation. All of these actions combined, promote your immunity level.  

Step out in the sun:

Sun is the most abundant source of Vitamin D. The sun’s rays stimulate the nutrients in your body, which is essential for your immune system, bones, and the blood cells. Also, when you are exposed to the sun, your body can efficiently absorb the minerals. 

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The ultimate motive behind this article is to send you warning signs. If you have diabetes, have high blood pressure issues, low immunity levels, or are an old aged person, you should take appropriate care. All the precautions are essential. And make sure to inculcate habits that can improve your immunity levels. There has been no remedy found to fight Covid19 yet. Therefore, you should be careful enough during the hours of need.

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