Herbs and Herbal Supplements: Everything You Need to Know

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Herbs and Herbal Supplements: Everything You Need to Know

Remember how the most obvious medicine for cold and cough was Your grandmother’s magical herbal drink or kashaya???? Toothache meant chewing on cloves. These are just a few examples of powerful curative properties of herbs. With a knowledge and understanding regarding their benefits, medicinal herbs are irreplaceable when it comes to their therapeutic effects. 

Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine with healing roots in therapeutic herbs. These herbs and herbal extracts form the foundation for traditional ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda is the basis of allopathy and homeopathy medicine.

However, the difference lies in their area of relief. Ayurveda aims at addressing the root causes of these problems rather than just the symptoms. Although the results arrive a little later, they are permanent effects. 

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In recent times, technology has allowed us to avail of these curative herbs and their benefits in the form of herbal dietary supplements. These herbal supplements are the pure extracts of the herbs without any added synthetic chemicals. They have all the health benefits and nutrients of the actual herbs.

Dietary and Herbal Supplements

A dietary supplement is a fabricated product aimed to supplement the diet when taken as a pill, capsule, tablet, or liquid. An herbal supplement can provide nutrients extracted from food sources individually or in combination, in order to increase the quantity of their consumption. A dietary supplement, as defined by the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA), is a product that:

  • Is intended to supplement the diet
  • Contains one or more dietary ingredients (including vitamins, minerals, herbs or other botanicals, amino acids, and certain other substances) or their constituents
  • Is intended to be taken by mouth, in forms such as a tablet, capsule, powder, or liquid

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Dietary Supplements: Everything You Need to Know!!

The Dietary Supplement Label

All products marked as a dietary supplement carry a Supplement Facts panel that lists the contents, amount of active ingredients per serving, and other added ingredients. The manufacturer recommends the serving size, but you or your health care provider may decide that a different amount is more suitable for you.


If you don’t consume a nutritious variety of foods, supplements might help you get adequate amounts of essential nutrients. However, supplements can’t completely take the place of foods that are important to a healthy diet. Scientific evidence shows that some dietary supplements are beneficial for overall health and for managing some health conditions.

Safety and Risk

Many supplements include active ingredients that can have powerful impacts on the body. Always be alert to unexpected side effects. Be cautious about taking dietary supplements if you are pregnant or nursing. Also, be careful about giving them to a child.


Dietary supplements are complicated products. The FDA has set good manufacturing practices (GMPs) for dietary supplements to help ensure their identity, purity, strength, and composition. These GMPs are intended to prevent the incorporation of the wrong ingredient, the addition of too much or too little of an ingredient,  of contamination, and the improper packaging and labeling of a product. The FDA regularly inspects facilities that manufacture dietary supplements.

Chat with Your Healthcare Provider

Your health care providers should know which dietary supplements you’re taking. This allows you to discuss what’s best for your overall health. Your health care provider can help you decide which supplements, might be valuable for you.

AMLA-Herbal Diabetes Supplement 

AMLA-Herbal Diabetes Supplement 

Phyllanthus Emblica or Amla is the most well-known herbal remedies for diabetes and many more lifestyle disorders. Amla is known as the king of antioxidants. It is one of the richest natural sources of vitamin C.

It is also packed with phenolic compounds such as anthocyanins and flavones. It has chromium which has a positive effect on the functionality of the pancreas.

Amla prevents the onset of fatty liver. It reduces the body’s cholesterol levels by 82 percent. It also lowers the levels of triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, and Aortic plaques.


  • Control blood glucose levels.
  • Very good antioxidant.
  • Help in healthy and balanced bowel movement.
  • Aids powerful eyesight by decreasing intraocular tension.
  • Repairs our body at the cellular level.

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BANABA-Herbal Diabetes Supplement 

BANABA Herbal Diabetes Supplement 

Known by the Latin name-Lagerstroemia Speciosa, this plant’s leaves are used for herbal supplementation. It is light yellow or white in color when extracted in a powdered format. Research on Chemical Component of Banaba Extracts shown that the banaba tree houses the triterpenoid compound known as corosolic acid.

This chemical component is known to stimulate the glucose receptors while increasing the overall activity for better absorption of the blood sugar. The additional presence of minerals like magnesium, zinc, lipids, tannins, amino acids adds to the overall value of the banaba extract. Additionally, Banaba extracts come with diuretic, purgative, and antibacterial properties which also beneficial in regulating fever.

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  • Regulation of blood sugar levels.
  • Stimulate the transportation of glucose to the cells in the body.
  • Regulate hunger pangs.
  • Aids weight loss.
  • Protect against bacterial diseases.

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BERBERINE-Herbal Diabetes Supplement 

BERBERINE-Herbal Diabetes Supplement 

This herbal extract comes from a long line of use in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicinal history. Berberine is a plant alkaloid extract that is bitter in taste with yellow color. Berberine is generally extracted from different parts of various plants which include Coptis Chinensis (Coptis/Goldenthread), Hydrastis Canadensis (Goldenseal), Berberis Aquifolium (Oregon Grape), Berberis Aristata (Tree Turmeric), and Berberis Vulgaris (Barberry).

Berberine is the best natural supplement to lower the body cholesterol level, supports normal blood sugar levels, aid better health for the cardiovascular system, and better cognitive health. 


  • Increases metabolism of the body at the cellular level
  • Decreases glucose resistance
  • Increases glycolysis allowing the body to break down sugar easily
  • Increases beneficial bacteria in the gut.      

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CINNAMON-Herbal Diabetes Supplement 

CINNAMON-Herbal Diabetes Supplement 

A popular kitchen spice, cinnamon is renowned for its antioxidant properties. It is made from the inner bark of the tree called Cinnamomum. Cinnamon can dramatically reduce insulin resistance. It helps lower blood sugar and fights diabetes by imitating the effects of insulin


  • Stabilize blood glucose levels in type-2 diabetes.
  • Increases insulin sensitivity.
  • Reduces LDL cholesterol.
  • Very high anti-inflammatory property.
  • Improve blood circulation and supports Healthy Metabolism
  • Improves appetite & digestion

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CURCUMIN-Herbal Diabetes Supplement

CURCUMIN-Herbal Diabetes Supplement

Turmeric is a common ingredient used for medicinal remedy in Ayurveda for centuries. Curcumin is a component in turmeric which is extremely beneficial in managing blood sugar levels and maintaining the kidney and liver. Rich in natural curcuminoids (phytonutrients) Turmeric supports important blood & liver functions.

Curcumin is the most important component in turmeric which helps to treat aspects of diabetes. It suppresses the activities of white blood cells called macrophages that cause inflammation. It promotes the clearance of creatinine and urea from the blood. Turmeric is believed to have antioxidant properties that could help fight infection and inflammation.


  • Lowers HbA1c levels. 
  • Reduces Insulin Resistance.
  • Reduces inflammations.
  • Stop the growth and proliferation of fat cells
  • Help re-establish healthy metabolism.

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FENUGREEKHerbal Diabetes Supplement

FENUGREEK-Herbal Diabetes Supplement

Fenugreek has been found to have a number of benefits in  Ayurvedic Medication. It helps cure most metabolic symptoms associated with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes in humans by lowering blood glucose levels and improving glucose tolerance. It significantly reduces the fasting blood glucose level. Fenugreek is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which help protect the body’s cells from damage caused by unstable free radicals. It slows down digestion and the body’s absorption of carbohydrates and sugar


  • Improves glucose tolerance
  • Reduces fasting blood glucose levels
  • Slows down the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates
  • Protects body cells from free radicals.

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GARLIC-Herbal Diabetes Supplement

GARLIC-Herbal Diabetes Supplement

Garlic contains more than 400 chemical components that can help prevent and treat a diverse variety of health problems. It has compounds allicin, allyl propyl disulfide and S-allyl cysteine sulfoxide that raise insulin levels in the blood. They prevent the liver’s inactivation of insulin so that more insulin is available in the body. Garlic supplements are beneficial for diabetes patients, as they help to regulate blood glucose and they lower the effects of diabetes complications.


  • Reduces Blood Glucose Levels and Blood Pressure
  • Protects Liver
  • Reduces cholesterol
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Boost immunity.

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KALONJI EXTRACTS – Herbal Diabetes Supplement

KALONJI EXTRACTS - Herbal Diabetes Supplement

Black seeds or Nigella Sativa extract reduces damage to beta cells in the pancreas. They help inhibit the use of glucose in the intestine & improve glucose tolerance. It also possesses significant antioxidants and protects pancreatic beta cells against the harmful effect of free radicals.

Kalonji Black Seed Extracts Helps to Regulate Blood Glucose Naturally. It contains major proportions of carbohydrates, protein, and vital fatty acids. It also contains calcium, iron, selenium potassium, zinc, magnesium, vitamin B, vitamin A, vitamin B2, and vitamin C.


  • Restriction of blood glucose levels.
  • Protects the pancreatic beta cells.
  • Protects the kidney from free radicles.
  • Increases memory.
  • Help reduce weight
  • Reduces severe headache

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MORINGAHerbal Diabetes Supplement

MORINGA-Herbal Diabetes Supplement

Moringa Oleifera also is known as a drumstick tree is said to be a miracle tree. It is one of the most nutrient-dense plants. Moringa extract is one of the best natural products for fighting inflammation and oxidative stress. It increases natural energy & supports the immune system. Moringa Oleifera is rich in various antioxidants, including quercetin and chlorogenic acid. 


  • Reduces diabetes symptoms.
  • Treats gum diseases.
  • Maintain brain health.
  • Safeguards the liver.
  • Increases blood antioxidant levels.
  • Fights inflammation.

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Herbs and herbal medicines are the answers to a holistic approach to most of our lifestyle disorders. With proper analysis and correct consumption, they have absolutely no side effects. The benefits of these herbs can be obtained through herbal supplements which are equally beneficial and easy to consume.

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