Diabetic Dermopathy, Diabetes Itching Skin Treatment and How to Save Our Skin From It

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Diabetic Dermopathy, Diabetes Itching Skin Treatment and How to Save Our Skin From It


Diabetic dermopathy is commonly termed as pigmented pretibial patches or shin spots. It is the type of Diabetes Skin Problem  that usually affects the lower portion of the legs. Diabetic Dermopathy is believed to have developed from changes that occurred in the blood vessels. These changes result in the leakage of blood products from the blood vessels to the skin. That results in the formation of lesions-like structure. 

The root cause of this skin problem has not yet been identified. Trauma or injury in diabetic patients is believed to cause diabetic dermopathy. Also, the disease shows no evident variations between the non-insulin-dependent and insulin-dependent diabetic patients. 

Who’s at risk?

The people who have diabetes have the highest chances of being affected by diabetes skin problems. More than 50% of the people are found to have spotted shins. Also, people who have poorly controlled diabetes are at serious risk. Old-aged people or the ones with prolonged diabetes life are attacked by Diabetes dermopathy. People without diabetes can have skin lesions too, but only after an injury. 

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The exact reason for diabetes dermopathy has not yet been identified. It generally occurs due to vascular or neuropathic complications. Diabetic patients with neuropathy, nephropathy, and retinopathy suffer too. Patients who have had diabetes for more than 10-20 years are at higher risks. Diabetes skin lesions are associated with glycosylated hemoglobin. That is an indication of an un-controlled Normal Blood Sugar Level. Diabetic dermopathy could respond to a traumatic situation or an injury. It generally, affects the bony parts of the body such as the shins.  

Signs and Symptoms

Generally, diabetic dermopathy or Diabetes skin rash will vary in the colors and textures of skin lesions formed. It at times appears as pink to red, and in others, it is either tanned or forms dark brown patches. These dark spots usually affect the lower parts of the legs. These patches are scaly and are either oval or round. Long-standing patches turn out to be atrophic. 

Locations that could be affected by Diabetes skin lesions are:

Diabetic Dermopathy

Diabetic dermopathy will less likely burn, sting, or even itch. 

Common Skin Conditions Linked to Diabetes

People with diabetes can be affected by several types of skin diseases such as:

diabetes skin problem

To prevent being affected by Skin diabetes symptoms, make sure to maintain diabetes levels. People with high blood sugar levels have dry skin. That often fails in fending the bacterial infestation. Make sure to keep your clean and in healthy condition. Do not take hot bubble baths or shower in too hot water. Some of these measures will help you maintain your skin. Diabetes Dark Patches on Skin

Diabetes Itching Skin Treatment

There is no specific treatment available for treating Skin diabetes symptoms . The lesions formed due to diabetic dermopathy might take months or even years to resolve. In some cases, the lesions remain permanent and cannot be treated. 

Though skin diabetes symptoms cannot be treated efficiently, there must be some way to prevent them. Well, the answer to the thought is you must control your diabetes level. That could be the solution to all skin-related problems occurring due to diabetes. While you cannot control the fading rate of the lesions, you could adapt some steps to manage the situation. 

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The big question is – how to treat skin problems from Diabetes?

Although this diabetes dermopathy has resulted from leakage of blood corpuscles from the blood vessels. And thus, no external applications can serve as a remedy for this skin problem. However, one way to treat these diabetes skin lesions is by controlling your blood sugar level. Various home remedies can help you in managing blood sugar levels, such as:

You must perform physical activities

physical activities for controlling diabetes

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Maintain a balanced diet

healthy food for diabetes

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Perform yoga for treating diabetes

yoga for diabetes

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Brisk walking can help too

is running good for diabetes

Herbs to Treat Diabetes Dermopathy

There are various herbs, which can help you in controlling your diabetes level and ultimately help to treat diabetes dermopathy. Those herbs are:

herbs for diabetes

Ayurvedic treatment is the best way to treat or control diabetes and its associated symptoms. What natural elements can do cannot be compared with allopathic treatment forms. Especially when it comes to managing diabetes, the treatment offered by home remedies is unmatched. 

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Here we have come up with some solutions to manage the Diabetes Itching Skin Treatment:

  • Apply makeup to cover the spots
  • Apply moisturizer if your skin gets scaly
  • Moisturizing your skin on a regular basis will help with the skin rash and spots as well

We have said this earlier and are now repeating it –diabetes dermopathy can’t be treated or prevented. It can only be controlled if you make sure to control your blood sugar levels. Also, managing your diabetes is essential to avoid any future complications as well. 

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Self-Care Guidelines:

The Diabetes skin lesions formed due to diabetic dermopathy will heal with time. You must keep your skin moisturized. Also, make sure to avoid any forms of injury to the legs. These precautions will help you in preventing the formation of skin lesions. 

Diabetic Skin Lesions are not a thing to worry about anymore!

Diabetes skin lesions are not something to worry about if your diabetes is well controlled. You could adapt the means of controlling your blood sugar levels. Once, your blood sugar level is controlled, there won’t be any lesions formation. Although there is no direct prevention of diabetic dermopathy, it could be managed by managing the blood sugar levels. 

When to seek Medical Care:

Experts say that diabetic dermopathy is not something that could be harmful. Therefore, the doctors do not stress on its treatment much as well. You could seek medical care if the lesions do not heal even when your blood sugar level is under control. 

How to prevent Diabetic Skin Infections?

Currently, no cure has been found that could cure Skin diabetes symptoms. However, there are ways in which the blood sugar level can be managed. If you started having diabetic dermopathy after a trauma or an injury, you could take some preventive measures. Make sure to protect your legs well, especially the shins. Those are the areas that are more likely to be affected by diabetes dermopathy. 

You could wear knee-length socks and even use shin pads. They provide ample protection while you are engaged in physical activities. Thus, saving you from any sort of leg injuries. 


The ultimate plan here is to control diabetes. Once, the level of diabetes is controlled in your body, the chances of suffering from skin disease are reduced too. You need to exercise regularly. You can also take brisk walks to manage your diabetes level. Avoid consuming sweetened food items or carbohydrates. This will help you to manage your diabetes levels. You could also opt for medications that can help you control your blood sugar level. Also, make sure to avoid your skin from getting dried up, as it can allow the infectious bacteria and germs to seep in and further cause diabetes dermopathy.