Cultivate this Proven Formula of “Aahara-Vihaara-Aushadhi” for Better Life

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Cultivate this Proven Formula of “Aahara-Vihaara-Aushadhi” for Better Life

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With the current global scenario of health wisdom, alternative medicines can provide holistic solutions to most lifestyle diseases with a shift towards natural living in terms of diet (Aahara), lifestyle (Vihaara) and medicine (Aushadi). Ayurveda, is a holistic system of healing, has always insisted on these tenets as its three pillars of nature-based medicine. Ayurveda has long since proved its efficiency in treating the root cause for a permanent solution rather than address the symptoms like modern systems of medicine.

Though there has not been a specific reference to Diabetes in ancient Ayurvedic texts, the symptoms of the disease Madhumeha closely resemble those of diabetes mellitus of type 2 variety. The major reason for Type 2 both in Ayurveda and in conventional medicine is obesity, central obesity to be more exactly where the body stores fat in the mid-section. The cause of central obesity is faulty diet and a sedentary lifestyle. There is no disagreement on this by any system of medicine and hence Ayurveda focuses on addressing central obesity before treating the insulin levels.

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Acharya Charaka lists the following symptoms in diagnosing Diabetes:

  • Laziness and lethargy
  • Foul smell from the body
  • Coated tongue
  • Ear wax
  • Sweet taste in the mouth
  • Fat deposit in the thoracic region
  • Dryness of throat and mouth
  • Burning sensation of hands and feet and
  • Ants in urine when collected and left out

Ayurveda aims at balancing the doshas to eradicate any disease with proper medications along with dietary restrictions and increased physical activity depending on the level of dosha imbalance. Those patients with more body strength or weight are given a different type of treatment while weak or lean patients are treated for proper nutrition first. But irrespective of the body type, the main focus is on


Aahara - The Diet

Diet is the first approach that we can take to create and maintain ideal health and to reduce the symptoms of illness by an adjustment in diet and eating habits can control sixty percent of illness solely. Always we should be aware of what, when and how we are eating.

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Vihaara - The Lifestyle

Acharya Charaka believes that strenuous exercise immediately relives diabetes symptoms and bath with medicated water and application of the paste of certain healing ingredients on the body are also helpful. Ancient ayurvedic texts clearly mention a lack of physical activity as being one of the main reasons for diabetes and exercise plays a major role in carbohydrate metabolism and decreasing blood glucose levels.

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Aushadhi - The Medicines

The first two pillars (Ahara, Vihara) are concerned with diet and lifestyle. When we follow their principles, the seeds of disease never get sown. They educate us on how to live life in harmony with natural law. The imbalances that cannot be handled by these two pillars are managed by Aushadhi that is a concern on the treatment of disease. Mainly ayurvedic medicines are formulated using a mix of herbs and other plants. Ayurveda is proved that is capable of overcoming various health problems that occur in the human body.

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Irrespective of the system of medicine being followed to manage diabetes – whether Ayurveda or Allopathy; diet restrictions, active lifestyle and medication are the three principles that have to be adhered to according to the physician’s advice.

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