5 Ways to Avoid Diabetes Complications

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5 Ways to Avoid Diabetes Complications

The major danger in diabetes is not sugar levels per se but it’s long term impact on other aspects of health, like cardio-vascular damage, nerve degeneration, foot problems or retinopathy. We all know prevention is better than cure, and this is as true for diabetes as it is for any other disease. But what can one do to avoid diabetes related complications once you get diagnosed?

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Here are 5 ideas for you!

Lose the extra kilos

Getting into the optimum weight range for your body will help not just with controlling sugar levels but it will also help with reducing the stress on your cardio-vascular system.

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Control your BP and cholesterol levels

Diabetes increases the chances of heart disease. So actively monitor your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. See a doctor about how you can keep these in check to reduce the chances for complications.


Exercise is very important in controlling sugar levels. But additionally it improves body fitness helping to maintain overall health. It also reduces stress levels and helps control weight.

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Develop a foot-care regime

Loss of sensation in feet due to nerve damage and longer healing times make for a dangerous combination. Even a small wound could easily prove troublesome if not detected and taken care of in time. So be very careful and take good care of your feet. A regular foot-care regime will go a long way if you have diabetes.

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Get regular checkups

Get yourself a complete health checkup annually. Make sure to get your eyes, blood pressure, kidneys, heart and feet checked properly since they are at the highest risk for complications caused by high sugar levels.

Maintaining optimal sugar levels is imperative to reduce the risks for secondary complications. Constant vigilance is the only way to catch any developing problems in time and nip them in the bud. So while a diabetes diagnosis need not be the end of the road, it is up to you to ensure that further neglect does not add to the problem.