How Blood Sugar level will impact your Cognitive functions

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How Blood Sugar level will impact your Cognitive functions

Blood glucose levels and its impact on retinal, cardiovascular, and renal functions of the body are well-researched and acknowledged.  However, there is relatively much lower information and link between the cognitive functions and blood glucose levels. It is crucial to note that the brain functions like memory, thinking and learning are all interrelated and linked to the level of glucose in one’s body. Glucose forms a major form of fuel for the brain, and the lack of this can lead to issues with the neurotransmitters and also have an effect on the brain’s chemical messengers. It is crucial to note that the brain cannot function without the presence of glucose. However, even excess of it could lead to several other more severe issues and health conditions. A research and study by the University of Montreal and Boston College have also shown that excess glucose consumption can have a direct impact and can lead to memory and cognitive deficiencies as well.

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In a more detailed study conducted in the Journal Diabetologia(2018), it was identified that with even the slightest increase in the blood glucose levels, there was a significant drop and decline in the overall cognitive performance. The researchers have done several tests to access the cognitive functions and have also included memory tests for the participants which include delayed recall of 10 unrelated words. Other tests for the executive functions were measured with the participants having to recollect as many animal names they could within a minute.

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Researcher Wuxiang Xie identified and suggests that there is a need to ensure a good management of the blood glucose levels even before the onset of diabetes. It is of utmost importance to be able to keep a tab on the overall levels of glucose and maintain these within normal limits. The blood glucose levels have a direct impact on the overall wellness of the individual and their health. A few of the major issues that are onset by an increased glucose level include issues like dementia and to some extent even lead to higher chances for Alzheimer disease as well.

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