Busted myths, facts and solutions about diabetes – Knockdiabetes

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Busted myths, facts and solutions about diabetes – Knockdiabetes

Diabetes strikes in three different ways

  • Type 1 – affecting 10% of the population where the body does not produce any insulin at all.
  • Type 2 – 90% of diabetes fall under this category where the insulin produced is insufficient.
  • Gestational diabetes – affecting expectant mothers. It generally goes away after delivering the child but is a forewarning that the mother is under threat of the disease in the future.

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Busted myths, facts and solutions about diabetes

Attempting to bust a few myths about the disease, this will be called as a condition from now on

  • All fat people develop diabetes: Not true. In fact, many of the patients diagnosed with diabetes have never been fat nor had the tendency for obesity. Though a risk factor, many overweight people do not develop diabetes.
  • It is not a serious condition: False. Left untreated or undertreated for a long time leads to fatal complications. Shorter life spans because of the risk of stroke or cardiovascular diseases has been reported in at least 2/3rds if the diabetics.
  • Eating too much sugar causes diabetes: Excess sugar causes obesity and other complications – but not diabetes. Diabetes is caused because the body’s immune system destroys the cells responsible for producing insulin and breaking down the sugar.
  • Juvenile diabetics will grow into normal adults: Sadly untrue. Juvenile diabetes is caused by the destruction of beta cells in the pancreas which produce insulin. They fall into the Type 1 Diabetes category and unfortunately have to learn to live with the condition throughout their lives.
  • Diabetes is age-related: Sorry, but not anymore. We often find young adults and teens developing Type 2 diabetes. Largely the causes are attributed to poor lifestyle during growing years.
  • One needs a special diet for diabetes: Absolutely not. A normal healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and less of processed foods and oils. Not just diabetics, every healthy individual should follow this diet all through their life to stay healthy.

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Diabetes is not a condition to panic about, but to focus on improvising lifestyle for better control and management. One of the basics of lifestyle change is to get as close to nature as possible. Apart from incorporating a regular exercise routine – be it a simple walk in the park or an intense gym session, one also needs to move closer to nature in the diet as well; a diet rich in the bountiful nourishment that only nature can provide.

Sugar Knocker is the treatment closest to nature by incorporating the ancient system of Ayurveda. It comprises of eleven medicinal herbs that have been proven in treating diabetes for centuries. They are most effective in stabilizing triglycerides, lipids, and blood glucose levels and in the regeneration of beta cells of the pancreas. Thus, while the normal allopathic medicines aim at providing insulin supply through pills and injections, Sugar Knocker addresses the root cause of diabetes to help the body to regenerate and cure the natural way.

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To provide a holistic solution for diabetes, our efforts start at the identification stage. If you are ready to take charge of Your Diabetes Management and start Regulating Blood Glucose naturally, there’s never been a better time to begin! The time to take charge of your health is already here.