A devastating truth of Diabetes prevailing Worldwide

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A devastating truth of Diabetes prevailing Worldwide

The term diabetes has become a common household name worldwide. Diabetes although a common ailment is a chronic disease and is one which has a direct impact on the overall metabolism of the individual. One of the key reasons this is referred to as a metabolic disease is that over time this leads to serious effects on the heart, blood vessels, eyes, and nerves. Diabetes 2 is the more commonly prevalent issue faced by most individuals. This occurs when the individuals get resistant to insulin and the individual’s body makes lesser level of insulin than what is needed.

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The number of people affected by diabetes worldwide has risen to a great extent. WHO reports that the global prevalence of diabetes in adults has risen from 4.7% in 1980 to over 8.5% in 2014. The main countries that have been affected include the middle and low-income countries. Diabetes is known to cause severe cases of blindness, kidney failures as well as strokes and lower limb amputations alike. WHO also identifies that almost half of the deaths which are attributed to high blood glucose levels tend to occur before the age of 70 and diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death as of 2012.

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In a world where diabetes is such a growing concern and is one which impacts the overall well being of individuals there is a need for a simple solution without any side effects. We, at Sugar Knocker, understand and identify the gravity of the situation. Our product is developed keeping in mind all of the above issues and concerns and is made to fit the needs of every individual. A complete Ayurvedic solution, we use 11 main herbs in our products. This is not only a good means to treat diabetes, but is also a healthy option to use as a preventive measure.

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Diabetes is a condition which can be treated, and the consequences of the disease can be delayed based on diet, and physical activity. Also, regular screening for possible complications is key and allows individuals to be on top of their health on a constant basis. Why not identify with the current health condition? Sugar Knocker can assist you further from here.