Banaba and Benefits of Banaba for Diabetes

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Banaba and Benefits of Banaba for Diabetes

Have you Heard of BANABA ???

Banaba is a magnificent naturally obtained herbal supplement. It is commonly known by the Latin name-Lagerstroemia Speciosa. The plant leaves and bark are used for herbal supplementation. It comes from Banaba Bush which is an ornamental species of plant native to places such as Southeast Asia, India, and Australia.

Banaba is very powerful in aiding to control blood sugar levels, with abundant dietary fiber content and helps in better absorption of blood sugar. Banaba is light yellow or white in color when extracted in a powdered format, and houses excellent anti-bacterial properties.

Scientific Name(s): Lagerstroemia speciosa .

Common Name(s): Banaba, Crepe myrtle, Pride of India, Queen’s crepe myrtle, Queen’s flower


Banaba has been used as a folk medicine to treat diabetes in various parts of the world, the use of banaba leaf decoctions for better health is quite well known. In modern medicine, the first published research study evaluating the insulin-like activity of an aqueous extract of dried leaves was reported in 1940. Since then, studies evaluating banaba for treatment of diabetes have been conducted in animal models, humans, and in vitro laboratory settings. Today banaba extracts are available in extract form and taken as supplement pills.

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Banaba Tree

Banaba is a deciduous, tropical, flowering tree, It typically grows 5 to 10 m in height and sometimes up to 20 m. The smooth, large, spatulate, oblong to elliptic-ovate leaves measure 4 to 8 cm in width and 12 to 25 cm in length. The flowers are pink to purple when in bloom, and give way to oval, nut-like fruits; the leaves turn orange-red in the fall. The bark of the tree is smooth, grey to cream-colored, and peels off in flakes. The flowers in this plant bloom only once in a year at the peak of summer.

Chemical Component of Banaba Extract that is useful for mankind

  • Research on the banaba for diabetes has shown that the banaba tree houses the triterpenoid compound known as corosolic acid, this chemical component is effective in stimulating glucose receptors. 
  • It increases the overall activity for better absorption of the blood sugar.
  • It also helps with the regulation of appetite due to the presence of a good concentration of the dietary fibers. 
  • Research reports have found ellagic acids, beta-sitosterols, and Corosolic acid in bark extract.
  • The additional presence of minerals like magnesium, zinc, lipids, tannins, amino acids adds to the overall value of the banaba extract. 

Additionally, Banaba extracts come with a diuretic (frequent urination to remove excess salts and water from the body), purgative(healthy bowel movement), and antibacterial properties. These properties are beneficial in maintaining a healthy metabolism and good health.

Cultivation and Cultural Use:

  • It is grown in South East Asia, India, Australia and the Philippines. 
  • It is also widely cultivated as an ornamental plant in tropical and subtropical areas. 
  • Banabá herb is one of the 69 herbal plants promoted by the Philippine Department of Health (DOH). 
  • In Vietnam, the plant’s young leaves are consumed as vegetables, and its old leaves and mature fruit are used in traditional medicine.
  • The leaves of the banabá and other parts are used widely in the Philippines, Taiwan, and Japan as a tea preparation.


Health Benefits of Banaba are numerous.

Watch this Video to Understand the Health Benefits of Banaba

Blood Sugar Control

Very effective in the Regulation of blood sugar levels.Blood Sugar Control

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Improved Glucose Induction to Cell

Stimulates the transportation of glucose to the cells in the body.Improved Glucose Induction to Cell

Increases Body Metabolism

Increases body metabolism rate and Regulates hunger pangs.Increases Body Metabolism

High in Dietary Fiber

The high dietary fiber allows slow digestion and Aids in weight loss.High in Dietary Fiber

Improves Urination Process

Improves the urination process to eliminate excess salts and water in the body.Improves Urination Process

Facilitates Bowel Movement

Facilitates easy bowel movement.Facilitates Bowel Movement

Highly Anti-Bacterial

Being highly anti-bacterial, it Protects against bacterial driven diseases.

Highly Anti-Bacterial

Best Way to Use Banaba – 

As Detoxifying Banaba Tea

Banaba can be consumed in a caffeine-free, detoxifying tea, which is widely popular for urinary cleanses.As Detoxifying Banaba Tea

Banaba Concoctions

Banba concoctions can be consumed to promote better body metabolism.Banaba Concoctions

Banaba Herbal Dietary Supplements

Banaba herbal dietary supplements are also available in the market. These capsules are for easy consumption to obtain all the nutritional benefits of the banaba for diabetes. Banaba Herbal Dietary Supplements

Banaba fun fact!!!

In Theravada Buddhism, this plant is said to have been used as the tree for achieved enlightenment, or Bodhi by the eleventh Lord Buddha, and the twelfth Lord Buddha (Narada). The plant is known as Murutha in Sinhala and Mahaasona.

Bottom Line

Banaba is an extremely effective herbal supplement to control blood sugar and improve healthy metabolism. It is the leaf of a deciduous plant with numerous health benefits. Banaba extracts have the power to reduce appetite and increase body energy levels. Banaba supplements should be consumed to help maintain healthy levels of blood glucose and improved health.