Does Diabetes mean Die in Bits?

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Does Diabetes mean Die in Bits?

Diabetes’ the word itself invokes a feeling of fear amongst us nowadays. It is also nicknamed as ‘Die in Bits.’ The fear instilled in us changes the course of our lives. The routine blood tests, doctor consultations and intake of medicines become part of our daily lives. Irrespective of the age group, gender and class everyone in the society is affected with diabetes in the current world. The question here is, do we need to let the fear engulf us and let it decide the course of our lives?

2 Aspects Of Diabetes

  1. Is diabetes really to be feared? Is it really something to be scared about or is it the myths around it which creates fear in us?
  2. Are daily medications a must for diabetes?

The word diabetes has a lot of stories attached to it. The many ifs and buts of the stories make one cringe and restrict themselves to closed ground.

The first myth is once you become a diabetic the lifespan decreases. This is completely untrue. Diagnosis of diabetes in you is just a warning. A warning so that you can make appropriate changes in your daily life.

Before going to the changes let’s know what exactly happens in the blood sugar levels.

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Blood sugar is very much required for the functioning of various parts of the body. So as per the body’s physical activity, the sugar levels keep varying all through the day. This variation is considered to be quite reasonable. In fact, it has been proved that the blood samples taken from five fingers at the same time measure differently and never the same.

So the variation of the sugar levels indicates you are healthy and your body is functioning well.

The diagnostics measure differently. The FBS and PPBS are not the right indicators of your sugar levels. The HbA1C which gives the sugar levels for 3 months is the trusted one. If it is little above range, do you need to worry? Don’t panic! There is nothing to fear. Studies have revealed that higher blood sugar levels have never killed anyone unless they are steeply high. But yes, low blood sugar levels can cause death.

So breathe! Relax! An indication of higher sugar levels is a call to you to take care of yourself.

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2 Significant Changes In Daily Life For Diabetes

  1. Making healthy food habits
  2. Lifestyle Changes

Making healthy food habits

With our busy lives and junk food handy at corners has made us couch potatoes. We hardly need to go out to shop, cook and eat. So what can we change?

  • Make healthy food choices which involves lot of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains
  • Close the doors for processed food and junk food
  • Eat at regular intervals
  • Don’t wait till you feel ravenous and can eat anything edible you see around. This is the weak point where most of us just raid the ready-made food
  • Mindful Eating can help you in not overeating

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Lifestyle Changes

With efficient means of transport, we are hardly using our body to move. Lack of body movement has been a significant factor for diabetes. So find a means to keep active. It can be a regular walk, a sport or dance. Pick your choice.

With efficient means of transport, we are hardly using our body to move. Lack of body movement has been a significant factor for diabetes. So find a means to keep active. It can be a regular walk, a sport or dance. Pick your choice.

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Regular Medication For Diabetes

Is it necessary? Well, it’s a choice you can make. But do make a choice with awareness, and not with fear. Trust your doctor. You can always take a second opinion or give yourself some time by changing the food habits and regular exercise.

With the advance in technology self-sample testing at home has become common. This has created paranoia amongst the people. Taking tests multiple times in the day and checking for the sugar levels and altering the medicine and food intake is turning people yearn for ideal blood sugar levels.

Don’t get into this vicious circle where diabetes takes a hold on you and dictates its terms. Instead, breathe fresh air, move around, laugh and live life. So let’s say cheers to life without stress, healthy food habits and physical activity.

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