Natural Herbs for healthy living

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Natural Herbs for healthy living

We have been writing on diabetes and the various ways it can be tackled as naturally as possible. By now, we all understand that Diabetes along with medication needs ample physical exercise and a good healthy diet. Physical exertion can be in various forms. Some may choose Zumba while few others may choose a brisk walk or a run. But how do we know what is the right kind of food that will help in combating this disease? In continuum with the same line of thought, we bring forth some of the commonly used herbs that are not only natural but also easily available. So your effort to a healthy meal is not much but using these ingredients regularly and appropriately.

Healthy herbs with powerful benefits

Cinnamon and clove:

Not only do these two make a good mouth freshener but they also add an amazing flavour to your regular tea. As per studies, cinnamon contains 18% polyphenol content which improvises insulin sensitivity and also helps in maintaining blood sugar levels. Further cloves contain 30% antioxidant phenol, antioxidants anthocyanins and quercetin which make it an excellent antiseptic. Apart from this, it is highly useful as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic which also boost metabolism. The best part of these spices is that they can be used in everyday cooking. Not only do they enhance the taste but also bring in the healthy aspect to your table.

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Ginger and Garlic:

This duo is the most underrated one. Imagine a dish without the pungent flavour of these two herbs. Ginger helps in easy digestion as it reduces serum total cholesterol, triglycerides and increases the HDL-cholesterol levels. Given that diabetics generally have digestive issues, your ‘Adrakwali chai’ can actually do wonders. Garlic reduces high cholesterol levels which is a very common challenge faced by diabetics. Use these for any of your curries and power pack your meal with nutrition in the most natural manner.

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Given its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, the world has now realized what a superhero this herb is. But for Ayurveda, this has always been a known thing. Turmeric not only boosts immunity but it also fights infections which a diabetic can easily succumb to. It also avoids causing further damage to joints and helps in preventing extreme pain. Turmeric is used in almost everything that is cooked or marinated.

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Control the blood sugar levels with fenugreek that prevents absorption of carbohydrates in the small intestine. Soaking it in water overnight and consuming it on an empty stomach in the mornings will help a great deal. The seeds can also be powdered and used while cooking daals or curries for rotis.

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Karela and Aloe Vera:

As bitter as it gets, bitter gourd juice is extremely good for a diabetic. So either stir fry it in a little amount of oil or have its juice early in the morning. Make sure you have it every alternate day and you will notice the difference yourself. The same goes with Aloe Vera juice. It is also good for the skin, remember?

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The best way to make these herbs work for you is to have them in your routine diet. You can even use more of curry leaves, rosemary or even oregano which is equally good for your diabetes. Make conscious decision and choose to eat as healthy as possible, always.