What causes Diabetes?

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What causes Diabetes?

The good news about diabetes is that it is manageable. The bad news; it is not preventable. The only factor that is in our hands is to have a healthy lifestyle with plenty of air, exercise and consuming healthy foods. But apart from this, there are numerous factors that contribute to the onset and development of diabetes ranging from genetics, family history, ethnicity, environment and health to name a few.

Type 1 diabetes as we all know, is caused as a result of the body’s own immune system destroying the pancreatic cells that produce insulin. It is an autoimmune condition over which we have no control or prevention. The triggers could be a viral infection, toxins from food or any unidentified substance that causes the autoimmune reaction. Genetic factors also play a major role in the onset of Type 1 diabetes.

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Type 2 has many more causes for its onset than Type 1 diabetes of which family history plays a major role. Obesity, sedentary lifestyle, aging, as well as a bad diet, increase the chances of developing Type 2 diabetes much more rapidly. Type 2 diabetes initially starts with insulin resistance where the muscles, liver and fat cells do not use the insulin optimally. As a result of the body i.e., the pancreas is forced to produce more insulin to meet the extra demand. But while the demand keeps increasing, the pancreas is unable to increase its insulin productivity beyond certain levels and blood glucose levels rise resulting in irreversible conditions.

Certain races like African Americans, American Indians, Alaskans, Hispanics etc., also have a higher tendency to develop Type 2 diabetes in comparison with other ethnic groups.

Pregnancy in some cases leads to Gestational Diabetes which mostly subsides after delivery but increases the chances of developing the condition at any time. This is due to the hormonal changes during pregnancy along with genetic and lifestyle factors. The placenta produced during pregnancy produces hormones which lead to increased insulin resistance than normal.  This happens during late pregnancy. While most women can produce the extra insulin that the body demands during pregnancy, a few cannot and end up developing gestational diabetes. Also, women who are already on the heavier side gain more weight during pregnancy and this also adds up to the factors that cause diabetes during pregnancy.

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Apart from these, various lesser-known factors like PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome), Cushing’s syndrome, Pancreatitis and usage of certain steroids also increase the risk of developing diabetes and so does Hyperthyroidism.

Whatever be the cause of diabetes, very fewer factors are controllable on the preventive side. But after the onset of diabetes, its management is totally in our hands to keep it under control and lead a normal and healthy life without giving in to the condition. Apart from mental preparation and strength, Ayurveda helps with efficient management of diabetes. We, at Sugar Knocker, provide holistic care in the form of convenient ayurvedic pills.