Turning Diabetes Into a Positive Force

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Turning Diabetes Into a Positive Force

What does diabetes do to us, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well? How can we turn this inner experience into a positive force in our lives, transforming our relationship to diabetes so that it contains to positive attributes we can be grateful for? And what are some practical things we can do take make that transformation real in our lives?

Living with diabetes 24 hours a day is tiring, and when our blood sugar feels out of control, it can be maddening, leading to feelings of shame and helplessness. But there are steps we can take to change our relationship to diabetes.

Diabetes will always be a source of pain and frustration. And no change in perspective takes that pain away. But it doesn’t have to be ONLY pain. Diabetes can be a great teacher and a source of wisdom, a force that propels our lives forward in deeply fulfilling ways. We just have to listen.

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You have to have the resources and self-confidence to carry your plan out. But it’s also important to have motivation — some positive goals that make change worth the effort. I’ve listed some general ideas in the above video. You might take one or two, make them more specific, and apply them to yourself.

And tell us: How has your life gotten better with improved management? How would you like it to improve? What might be a positive goal for you? Let us know by dropping an email to care@knockdiabetes.com.