Effect of Diabetes on Kidneys and How to Treat It

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Effect of Diabetes on Kidneys and How to Treat It

Causes and detection:

Diabetes injures small blood vessels in the body which makes it difficult for the kidneys to clean the blood properly. The body starts accumulating waste materials in the blood. Diabetes also causes nerve damage resulting in the inability to empty the bladder completely. This puts pressure on the kidneys as the urine thus built up has high levels of sugar that make it a breeding ground for bacteria. Almost 40% of diabetic patients can end up with kidney failure.

The earliest sign of diabetic kidney disease is the secretion of albumin in the urine. So diabetics are required to undergo this test at least once a year. Weight gain, ankle swelling, and high blood pressure are the symptoms to watch out for and diabetes control is the only way to prevent kidney damage.

The widely used tests to detect kidney disease are serum creatinine and BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen), but these are not very sensitive until the disease is more severe. The more sensitive tests apart from the urine albumin already mentioned are creatinine clearance and glomerular filtration rate.

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Prevention and care:

Glucose control is the most important part of prevention of kidney disease in diabetics. Following the doctor’s advice regarding diet and medicine helps control sugar levels.

Blood pressure is also one of the factors that contribute to diabetics developing severe kidney disease, it is mandatory to keep blood pressure levels in check with the prescribed medicines and also follow a low protein diet to reduce the load on the kidneys.

There are a group of medicines called ACE inhibitors that can possibly delay or prevent the onset of kidney disease.

Other factors that contribute to kidney disease in diabetics are smoking, inactivity, not following low salt low sugar diet, have a family history of heart disease or kidney problems.

Ayurveda Principles will help to strengthen the immune system by following margin-Vihaara-Aushadhi.

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Sugar Knocker:

The herbal ingredients of Sugar Knocker help diabetics in managing their condition better and more effectively without any side effects. Though it is a holistic approach to manage diabetes, Sugar Knocker should be had along with the current drugs used for treatment and the prescribed lifestyle changes in terms of food and exercise to manage diabetes.

Lolly Berry in English and Saptarangi is a herb present in Sugar Knocker that helps normalize blood sugar and insulin levels.

Turmeric reduces blood glucose and increases plasma insulin.

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The extract of bitter melon juice present in Sugar Knocker has been proved to have a protective effect on diabetic kidney disease owing to its anti-oxidant properties. Though it has effects against diabetes-related kidney diseases, patients are unable to consume the juice owing to restrictions on the amount of fluid intake. But Sugar Knocker brings the same effect in pill form without adding to extra fluid consumption.

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