Story of Sugar Knocker from the Author

Girish Banvi

I am Girish Banvi, CEO of Sushrut Ayurved Industries, Dharwad (Karnataka).

Let me share a small incident with you that had greatest impact on my life.

Back In 1990s, I started supplying medicinal plants for top Ayurvedic product manufacturers like Dabur,  Zandu, Baidhanath, Himalaya, and many others. I used to procure them the herbs and extracts from all over India and also from different countries.

In 2004, during a family function, I found many of my family, friends injecting Insulin before food. And felt so bad on seeing their restrictions over food, hearing the side effects of the medicines they use. Being in the ayurvedic industry for 14 years then, I was well aware of the potential of each medicinal herb. Thereby took a decision that I must do something very useful to diabetic community, with my experience in the medicinal herbs.

I collaborated with the best industry experts, together with my decades of experience in medicinal plants; we started the research on medicinal herbs, extracts, anti-diabetic properties. We procured herbs from different parts of the world. The result of year-long Research, Test and Trials; in the exploration of knocking out high sugars from human blood, we arrived at the amazing formulation of a unique composition of herbs.

Of the 170 herbs which are useful in diabetes, we arrived at the optimum composition with 11 most potential and anti-diabetic herbs, which are having the potential to rebuild pancreatic Beta-cells to prepare the formulation against diabetes.

With a lot of research and development backed by the results from trials and improvements in compositions, the unique composition “Sugar Knocker” – A herbal supplement with the goodness of Ayurveda was evolved. Padma Bhushan Dr. B M Hegde, renowned physician and Educator of 21st century inaugurated SugarKnocker in 20015 and appreciated for bringing such unique formulation of herbs for the benefit of the Diabetes community.
Inaugural speech by Prof. Dr. B. M. Hegde

We are glad today, it’s going to be the 14th year of SugarKnocker with user satisfaction ratio close to 88%. The good news is that most of the people using Sugarknocker have reversed from diabetes without any side effects and leading a happy normal life.