How To Reverse Diabetes Permanently before its too late

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How To Reverse Diabetes Permanently before its too late

How To Reverse Diabetes

1. What is Diabetes and How to Reverse Diabetes ?

Diabetes is a disease driven by blood glucose. When the blood glucose level rises or is too high, the human body faces a condition called diabetes. Insulin hormone helps glucose from food get into your body cells. Often your body does not produce enough insulin for the task. In such a scenario, insulin stays in your body and transforms into this disease called diabetes.  

The most common kinds of diabetes are type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and gestation diabetes.  

Now the question arises that Can we reverse diabetes type 2 ? This is a million-dollar question and every diabetic is curious to know the answer to this question. With multiple kinds of diabetes, there are different answers to this question. To know the answers, continue reading ahead.  

2. Can diabetes be reversed? 

Type 2 diabetes is a long-term medical disease. It mostly develops in adults and is getting more common in kids as obesity is rising in people in all age groups. There are various factors that contribute to type 2 diabetes but obesity is the biggest risk for diabetes. Type 2 diabetes can also be life-threatening but if carefully treated, it can be managed well or even reversed. Some people reverse diabetes with diet and a healthy lifestyle while others depend on medication.

3. How Can You Reverse Type 2 Diabetes? 

 Can You Reverse Type 2 Diabetes? 

You can easily Reverse type 2 diabetes in the following two ways: 

  • using insulin or medications whenever required 
  • regularly monitoring blood sugar levels  

Medical specialists and doctors also recommend following a healthy diet, exercising, and losing weight. Several diabetes medicines feature weight loss as a side effect, which in turn, helps to manage diabetes. If you wish to manage diabetes, try including the following in your daily routine: 

  • eat a well-balanced and healthy diet 
  • lose extra weight 
  • exercise regularly 

Excess fat affects insulin production and also alters the way in which it is used in the body. Weight loss is a crucial factor for everyone who has experienced reversal diabetes.  

In a story dating back to 2011, eleven diabetic patients with type 2 diabetes reduced their calorie intake for eight weeks which reversed the course of their condition. Researchers working on the study also noticed that this was a simple sample and the participants lived only for a few years with this condition. To know more about the study click here

Another research Trusted source has revealed that another way of reversing type 2 diabetes is bariatric surgery. It is one of the way to Reverse diabetes for a long period of time. To know more click here

However, you might not require drastic ways to reduce symptoms and lose weight. Regular exercising and following a healthy diet are all you need.  

4. How to Reverse Diabetes Naturally in 30 days

How to Reverse Diabetes Naturally in 30 Days

Would you like to know how to reverse diabetes permanently? For this, you need to use Aahara-Vihaara-Aushadhi Formula

The current global scenario states that traditional Ayurveda offers a holistic lifestyle approach. It allows you a lifestyle dependent on natural means when speaking of lifestyle (Vihaara), diet (Aahara), and medicine (Aushadhi). 

Ancient Ayurveda is a natural way to reverse Diabetes with herbs-based medicines and no side effects. It dwells on the three natural pillars of ayurvedic medication. For the longest time, Ayurveda has proven to effectively treat the root cause of diseases. It does not just address the symptoms of an ailment, unlike modern-day medication. 

There has been no specific reference to diabetes in the traditional Ayurvedic textbooks; the symptoms of Madhumeha disease showcase a very close resemblance to type 2 diabetes mellitus. 

According to conventional medicine and Ayurveda, the main reason for cause of diabetes is obesity. The reason is central obesity, where the body fat is majorly stored in the middle section of the body. The main reasons for central obesity or overall obesity are a sedentary lifestyle and a faulty diet. Ayurveda focuses on treating central obesity before dealing with the body’s insulin levels. 

4.1. Aahara – Know How to Reverse Diabetes Diet


Diet is a crucial factor in maintaining a healthy body and fighting the symptoms of diabetes. Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet can solely control your illness by nearly sixty per cent. One must always be aware of what, how, and when to eat. 

Paying extra attention to how much you eat and what you eat plays a crucial role for a person with diabetes. You can enjoy a bit extra caloric food here and there on occasions but make sure to compensate for it with increased workouts and fewer calories elsewhere.  

Foods to eat: 

  • Fruits – oranges, avocado, berries, strawberries. 
  • Vegetables – Broccoli, Bottle Gourd, Bitter Gourd, Beans, and leafy vegetables like kale, chard, spinach, lettuce, coriander. 
  • Beans 
  • Whole grains 
  • Lean meats 

Foods to avoid: 

  • Processed foods, fast food, canned food 
  • Fried delicacies that are rich in calories and fats 
  • Sugar-packed foods 
  • Strong spices and pickles 
  • Dried fish 
  • Drinks with unhealthy fats 
  • Organ meats like kidney and liver 
  • Alcoholic beverages 
  • Trans fats like peanut butter, ghee, vanaspati, mayonnaise, butter, and margarine 
  • Egg yolk 
  • Red meat like pork, mutton, and beef 
  • High carbohydrates like white Rava and refined white flour 
  • Ice-creams, curd, and cheese 

A balanced diet plate should include the following

  • 25% of high fiber carbohydrates including legumes or whole grains. 
  • 50% non-starch vegetables including cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and others. 
  • 25% lean proteins like tofu, fatless turkey, lentils, fish, fatless chicken, etc. 

4.2. Vihaara 


Acharya Charaka believes in severe exercising to relieve the symptoms of the disease. He also believes that applying healing pastes on the body and bathing with medicated water is also effective. Exercising plays an essential role in diminishing blood glucose levels and carbohydrate mechanisms.  

4.3. Aushadhi 


Aahara and Vihaara, the first two pillars of remedy, are connected with diet and lifestyle. By following these two ways of living, one never proceeds to a disease in the first place. They help us lead a life with natural flow and harmony.  

The third pillar manages some imbalances that these two pillars cannot handle by themselves, Aushadhi. Ayurvedic medicines are mainly formulated with a mix of plants and other herbs.  

Irrespective of what medication you follow to manage your diabetes, Ayurveda or Allopathy, an active lifestyle, medicine, and diet restrictions are the three central pillars that one must follow for best results.  

5. Can We Reverse Diabetes With Diet? 

Can We Reverse Diabetes With Normal Diet?

Diabetic people often ask questions about reversal diabetes. Not every diabetic requires drug therapy as a remedy. A healthy diet and regular exercise are good enough to make significant life changes. A healthy condition can be maintained and prevented by taking in a diet low in sugar (low glycemic diet), getting regular medical screenings, and staying physically active.  

If you have type 2 diabetes, the food items you intake should be low in glycemic content. They must be rich in fiber, fats, and proteins. Some of such food items include fish, beans, lentils, and chicken. To add more to the list, there are fruits, nuts, low-fat dairy items, and whole grains.  

Food items with high sugar content or glycemic index are the food items one must avoid. The list includes processed foods, foods rich in sugars, animal fat, and carbohydrates. Other examples of food items to avoid include are as follows: 

  • sweets 
  • bread 
  • chips 
  • desserts 
  • pasta 
  • pastries 
  • crackers 

In short, you can follow a thumb rule of avoiding every white food. 

6. How does exercising help in managing type 2 diabetes? 

How does exercising help in managing type 2 diabetes?

Exercising is very important if you have type 2 diabetes. Exercising makes body cells insulin sensitive and helps pull glucose out of the blood. It helps lower blood sugar levels and offers you better energy as glucose gets transferred to the cells. Any form of exercise is recommended but the most beneficial are the types that help build muscles. Hence, you can indulge in using resistance bands or weight training under the guidance of experts. In addition, the benefits of exercising on glucose levels last for 48-72 hours, hence, it is essential that you are physically active for the whole day.


Sugar Knocker was introduced in the year 2005 and has been an excellent discovery for diabetic people. It was a ground-breaking discovery that features the power to regulate sugar levels. Made using eleven power-packed herbs, Sugar Knocker is a fruitful remedy with multiple success stories.  

Also, The herbal formulation of does not just control diabetes but also powers the beta cells of the pancreas. It works on the root cause of diabetes and regulates sugar levels. It offers an enduring solution to diabetes by eradicating the root cause of the disease.  

Herbal medication is the one most adequate for any and every disease. It comes with no side effects and cures the root cause of the disease for thousands of years. Known as the gem of traditional Ayurveda, Sugar Knocker is made of herbs capable of significantly lowering blood glucose levels It diminishes the ill effects of glucose on the body.  

Sugar Knocker is a herbal supplement that has been effective for many people to fight diabetes in the most natural way possible. It is made using eleven power-packed minerals and herb extracts. The impacts of the medicine have been tested by Dr Seetharam Prasad, a well-known Ayurvedic Physician, MD at Kayachikitsa. 

6.1. Why should you use Sugar Knocker? 

  • 100% herbal product that fights diabetes naturally 
  • Helps to prevent oxidative damage 
  • It features NO side effects 
  • Helps to regenerate the lipid mechanism 
  • Proven herbal outcome based on traditional ayurvedic formulation 
  • Exerts an action like that of insulin 
  • Helps to prevent diabetic retinopathy 
  • Increases the glucose intake by cells 
  • Based on the traditional ayurvedic formula of Aahara-Vihaara-Aushadhi. 
  • Prevents microvascular damage 
  • Helps regenerate beta cells of the Pancreas 
  • It goes perfectly well with your prescription medication 

6.2. How Sugar Knocker is Transforming Lives of Diabetic

How Sugar Knocker is Transforming Lives of Diabetic

Sugar Knocker is being used by over 2.67 lakh users across over 12 countries. It holds an 87.68 percent of client success ratio. This means, 87 out of 100 people find it useful to fight diabetes. 

Statistics reveal that people who have switched on Sugar Knocker dedicatedly for 8-10 months, depend less on allopathy medication. It is a natural cure for type 2 diabetes and has been a success in reverse of diabetes. All in all, Sugar Knocker is helping fight diabetes in the most natural way with no side effects involved.  

Let us look at some reviews from honest users in the list below:

ShivaNarayana – “By using Sugar Knocker, I was able to bring Blood Sugar Levels under control within one and half months time and I am very happy with Sugar Knocker.”

Mr Babu, Kerala – “I saw Dr BM Hegde Speech on Sugar Knocker and Took Support From Sugar Knocker Team. Sugar Knocker with Its Authentic Herbs, Solved My Diabetes Problem.”

Mr. Valley Colaco – “I was diabetic for 10-15 years, I was on insulin. I came across Sugar Knocker and Contacted Giish, opted it. I have been using Sugar Knocker for 2 months, But I found the initial results in 15 days! Give it a Try, It will Surely Help.”

Father Demello, Siddapur – “Take Sugar Knocker and Knock your Sugar Down” 

Vasudevan Nair, New Delhi – “Sugar Knocker is a safe and good Sugar lowering product which one can depend on”

  • VishantVaze, Goa – “I got good control on sugar level in just 1 month and my depression decreased” 

  • Ramachandara – “ Using Sugar Knocker for a long time, I am completely normal and no sugar or diabetes is detected now” 

  • Mary Baikinathan, School Teacher – “Along with Sugar control, my lethargy and tiredness have gone. I have a active life now.” 

  • M J Arul, Rtd. Professor – “Now I have a feeling that I never had diabetes after taking only Sugar Knocker and nothing else” 

  • Mr. Keshav Kumar (Engg) – “Now I can have normal food and my dependency on allopathy medicine has reduced.” 

  • Shri Munirathnam, Rtd. Asst. Ex. Engineer (KEB) – “My Sugar level was fully under control. Now I am a regular user of Sugar Knocker. Very thankful to Girish Banvi for guiding me.” 

6.3. How to Use Sugar Knocker?

The dosage of Sugar Knocker is scientifically designed to offer maximum effect to control/manage diabetes. 

Sugar Level (PPBS)  Capsules / Day  Dosage 
140-199 mg/dl  2 capsules  1-0-1 
200-250 mg/dl  3 capsules  1-1-1 
300+   6 capsules  2-2-2 

You should take Sugar Knocker 15-20 minutes before your meals for maximum effectiveness. It remains active for many hours after consumption. Sugar Knocker goes perfectly well with your prescribed medication without interruptions or interactions. Therefore, you can try indulging Sugar Knocker in your daily routine without altering your regular medication schedule. 

Initially, take it along with your regular prescribed allopathy medication. Once you have stabilized blood sugar levels, you can reduce taking allopathy medicines by 50% and eventually stop it. 

6.4. What will you get along with Sugar Knocker?

 What will you get along with Sugar Knocker?

The Aahara–Vihaara-Aushadhi by the Sushrut Ayurved Industries offers a holistic approach. You will get the following with Sugar Knocker:- 

  • Dos and Dont’s for diabetes – a brief that gives you a list of what can you take and what not. 

  • Telephonic guide by a learned Diabetic Educator – This helps you overcome diabetic issues and use Sugar Knocker in a way that benefits you the most. 

  • Dosage Chart – A scientific chart to offers you usage guidance for maximum effectiveness 

  • A researched diet chart – It has helped thousands of diabetics to regulate their blood glucose levels up to 80 mg/dl in merely a single dose of Sugar Knocker.